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Make your workplace stronger, healthier and more productive

Poor mental health is the UK’s top reason for time off work in 2021. UK workers took over 319 million days off work for illnesses, at an estimated cost of £43 billion to employers. Whether you employ one person or a huge team, you’ve probably experienced the impact of mental health issues on your own workforce. Yet nearly half of employees did not receive any well-being check-in from their employer last year. (MHFA England).


Set the standard and take responsibility for employee mental health.

When businesses view mental wellbeing as a priority, they create an open culture where people feel supported, valued and able to talk about any issues they are having.


Increase support for your employees to help fuel productivity, reduce sick days, increase staff retention and attract new talent.

Let us provide your staff with accessible evidence-based strategies and tools to help manage mental health challenges. As experts in providing specialist training and developing employee assistance programmes, we can help with an array of issues including stress, anxiety, depression and more. We also offer one-to-one support for individuals to help them resolve specific challenges and see them thrive.


Supporting Managers Pays Dividends

Whilst most managers experience assisting staff struggling with mental health problems, research suggests only about half have ever received any training on how best to do it. This means staff experiencing problems may not get the right assistance from their workplace. Done right, mental health training helps everyone across your organisation be in the best position they can be.

How we can help your organisation

Mental Health First Aid is fabulous. With 1 in 4 people living at any one time with a diagnosable mental health condition in the UK, it’s never been more important for people to be able to support employees, loved ones and people in the community.

You are significantly more likely to encounter someone experiencing poor mental health than someone with a physical health emergency. The skills gained from Mental Health First Aid training will give you the knowledge and confidence to recognise the signs and offer appropriate assistance. Please find further details here.

We offer a range of workshops that are flexible depending on the needs, sector and scale of your organisation. Sessions are available in person or online.

We run workshop training for a huge variety of businesses – from small, family-run concerns to FTSE 100 & multinationals.  Whether you want a lunch and stress management session or a full change management programme, we can deliver a workshop to help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

Occasionally, you or your team might need a little extra support. We offer one-to-one therapies to provide immediate support from specialists to help with an array of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more.

One-to-one services we provide include counselling, hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy, Bowen Therapy, sports & remedial massage to name just a few.

Put employee mental health at the forefront of your business with a mental health event. Events are a fantastic way to get staff engaged and thinking about mental wellbeing, and provide the opportunity to openly talk. They will leave feeling informed, supported and with stronger connections with their colleagues.

We can create you a tailormade session for the specific needs, challenges and interests of your workforce. From Wellness Days to interactive talks to presentations, let us help you to put positive mental health awareness at the heart of your organisation.

Our purpose at Be Positive is to make it easy for employers to support their people and build stronger businesses. We would love to hear from you so get in touch.