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Delivering Mental Health Training & Consultancy for Business

Welcome to Be Positive

A Trusted Provider of Mental Health Support for the Workplace

Make a difference to employees

There’s a lot of talk around mental health these days, and that’s a good thing. Despite this progress, the reality for many employees is that they still don’t feel able to talk about their mental health.

Yet with 1 in 6 UK employees experiencing a mental health problem at any one time, implementing mental wellbeing practices should be an essential part of your business strategy. Stress, anxiety and depression are thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost in Britain.

So let us help you turn the mental wellbeing of your employees into a happier and healthier workforce that drive results and organisational performance.

Promote and maintain healthy workplaces

At Be Positive we are committed to helping businesses effectively support the mental wellbeing of their staff. We provide the training, consultancy and one-to-one support to help employers proactively minimise the impact of mental ill health on your team and operational efficiency.

Choose from a range of evidence-based mental health training and services designed to suit organisations of all sizes and sectors. You will get tailormade support for your team and industry needs. With our online and onsite training options, we bring quality accredited mental health training to staff of all levels, no matter where you are based.

Why choose Be Positive?

With our proven track record, we are proud of the positive difference we help employers make for their staff and business performance. You can read more about our experience of providing professional mental health support here.

As an MHFA accredited provider of workplace mental health training, we offer specialist courses developed by the largest provider of Mental Health First Aid training in the UK and Europe. Find out more about our MHFA England offer here.

Why provide employees mental health support?

It offers numerous benefits: increased productivity, higher retention, reduced absenteeism and attracting talent, to name a few. All great from the company’s perspective! Let’s flip this around to the employee’s point of view. People who are mentally fit have the capacity and ability to give more to their families, communities and, yes, to their employers.

How we can help your organisation

Choose from a range of specialist mental health consulting, certified training, support for individuals, and bespoke events.

Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA)

One-to-One Support

Consultancy & Workshops

Event & Awareness Days

Our purpose at Be Positive is to make it easy for employers to support their people and build stronger businesses. We would love to hear from you so get in touch.